Wednesday, January 14, 2015

More Than Meets The Mind--Episode 13: Razorclaw (Decepticon)

RAZORCLAWIt was the most awesome battle Ive been privileged to be a part of. The denizens of Charon should be grateful.

Thats an interesting perspective.

Those that survived will be talking about that battle for the rest of their lives. Its the most significant thing that has ever happened to that backwater and the only thing it will be remembered for.

The survivors described it as the most hellish day of their lives.

The most hellish moment of their lives? It was glorious. It was the best thing that could ever have happened to them.

I dont---

Let me tell you about my day.

This morning, Starscream pulled me aside for a frank talk about the direction of the Decepticon cause  and to not-so-subtly gauge my level of support for his potential leadership.

Next, I had a meeting with Ratbat about Predakings energy expenditure. We came in well under-budget, and were summarily rewarded by having next cycles budget cut by fifteen percent since we obviously didnt need it.

Then  I spent three hours with Onslaught as he outlined his strategic plans for the defense of Fakkus--a planet, incidentally, that we cannot defend as it is not currently held by us and that we have no intention of capturing as it is in the middle of Autobot space and has a strategic value of exactly zero.

 Finally, Drag Strip approached me because Motormaster was--and I quote--mean to him. He said that as a Decepticon warrior, he should not be subject to bullying and asked about transferring from the Stunticons to the Predacons. When I told him that we were not seeking new additions, he told me he could defeat my current team with one arm missing.

What happened?

I tore off his arm and gave him the opportunity to prove it. Headstrong, Tantrum, and Rampage ripped him to pieces and Divebomb dropped the remains off Polyhex tower. It was the high point of my day.

I see.

Do you? Because now I have to attend a disciplinary review board convened for next week. Instead of thanking me for backing him up, Motormaster  lodged a formal complaint with Shockwave that I undermined him and exceeded my authority by disciplining troops under his command.

Charon was not hellish. Charon was beautiful.

Hell is middle management.

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