Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Books: Christopher Buelhman

I picked up Christopher Buelhman's The Necromancers House on Monday. I read through one hundred pages in the bookstore.

By Saturday afternoon I had read all four of his books: The Necromancer's House, Those Across The River, Between Two Fires, and The Lesser Dead.

They're all great and all very different from one another thanks to the variety of settings he uses (The Lesser Dead is set in 1970s New York while Between Two Fires takes place in plague-ridden Darg Ages France) but the thing I wanted to rave about from a technical sense is how well Buelhman understands set-ups and pay-offs.

He is so good at exposition--at giving you exactly as much information as you need for where you are in the story. He doesnt give you so much that you see where things are going long before they get there.

But he doesnt hold things back or hide things either so that he can give you a SHOCKING TWIST that has you feeling cheated or flipping back through pages to find something that you missed.

Everything is right there on the page.

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