Monday, April 7, 2014

More Than Meets The Mind: Robot Therapist -- Episode 12: Sunstreaker (Autobot)

How are you feeling?

SUNSTREAKER: About what?

About...this. Being held here.

SUNSTREAKER: I don't understand why you're keeping me. I should be out there being seen.

Being seen?

SUNSTREAKER: I'm the best warrior the Autobots have. People need to know I'm out there protecting them. The Decepticons need to see and fear me. The other Autobots can't do it without me.

 I spoke with your brother. He's very protective of you.

SUNSTREAKER: I don't get why. I don't need protection. I can handle myself. How long do I have to stay here, anyway?

 As of yet, that remains to be seen. Earlier you said you aren't sure why you're here. Could you hazard a guess to why you might be being held?

SUNSTREAKER: Not really. Politics, I guess. Something to do with Charon.

You're on the right track. These psychological interviews are being conducted as part of a multi-planetary inquiry into the effects of the Cybertronian Civil War on other sentient races, and the Battle of Charon, specifically. What do you remember about Charon?

SUNSTREAKER: I remember when we got there, it was a total clusterfuck. Thank Primus I was there to clean up the mess.

 Some would say your actions on Charon were...excessive.

SUNSTREAKER:  Excessive? That's impossible.

What makes you say that?

SUNSTREAKER: I'm an Autobot. We're the good guys.


SUNSTREAKER: Did you see the Charon footage?

Yes. Yes, I did.

SUNSTREAKER: What did you think?

It's important to you what I think?

SUNSTREAKER: You saw it. Tell me that wasn't the most awesome deployment you've ever seen.

Being seen as awesome means a lot to you.

 SUNSTREAKER: Did you see how I came in? Landed, came up firing in midtransformation. Took out five Decepticons before my feet hit the ground.

Witness reports say two. Kickback and Octane.

SUNSTREAKER: It was five. At least five. maybe, six. Those witnesses were wrong.

Were they wrong about the civilian casualties?


The civilians killed or injured in the course of your attack.

SUNSTREAKER: They were in the way. We're at war.

Wintess reported one one killed and three injured from the impact of your landing. Four killed by your weapon when you opened fire on the Decepticons. Could the witnesses have been right about that?

SUNSTREAKER: I don't know. They could've been. I don't really remember. I was dealing with the Decepticons.

You don't remember at all.

SUNSTREAKER: I remember they were there. But I wasn't really paying attention.

There are some who consider your actions a war crime. How would you respond to that?

SUNSTREAKER: I'd say they're crazy. That's impossible.

It's impossible that civilians were killed?

SUNSTREAKER: No, I mean it's impossible that I committed a war crime.

Why is that?

SUNSTREAKER: Because I'm an Autobot. I'm one of the good guys.

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