Tuesday, January 29, 2013

More Than Meets The Mind: Robot Therapist -- Episode 2: Constructicons (Decepticons)

Constructicons: Group Session

SCAVENGER: (softly) Bonecrusher’s right. It’s my fault.

LONG HAUL: It wasn’t. We were all caught off guard. I was just as far away as you were. Mixmaster was caught right out in the open. There was no way we had time to combine.

It sounds like you feel things would have been different had you been able to form Devastator.

SCRAPPER: If we’d had time to form Devastator there wouldn’t have BEEN a battle of Charon. We would have made short work of those first few Autobots, fortified our position, and the situation wouldn‘t have had a chance to spiral out of control.

BONECRUSHER: Devastator is the first and the best. When we’re Devastator we’re unstoppable. If anything, there are times I wish we could be Devastator all the time.

SCAVENGER: I hate Devastator.

BONECRUSHER: Shut up, Scavenger! Devastator is the best thing that's ever happened to you. If you hadn't--

HOOK: No. Scavenger is absolutely right.

LONG HAUL: Hook, no!


HOOK: Devastator is a cancer. I am the greatest surgeon Cybertron has to offer. I have returned Transformers to life that were deemed beyond repair under the worst conditions imaginable. And yet what am I known for? Being one sixth of a giant, mindless wrecking machine.

BONECRUSHER: So you're better than the rest of us, is that what you're saying?

HOOK: Certainly better than you.

(Voices, talking over one another)

One at a time, please. Long Haul, we'll start with you.

LONG HAUL: Without Devastator, I'm nobody. Just a guy hauling equipment from place to place. With Devastator...I can contribute. I can be somebody, even if it's just being part of somebody else.

SCRAPPER: Yeah. Hook, you talk about being a surgeon, about saving lives. Well, Devastator has been the turning point in...in how many battles? I mean you can talk about repair, but what about prevention?  What about the Decepticons we would have lost without Devastator there to swing the tide, to lead the way. I'm not trying to disrespect you, Hook, but the six of us together have probably saved more Decepticon lives, than you've ever done on your own.

HOOK: Say what you will. We are not Devastator. Devastator is what prevents us from being who we are.

BONECRUSHER: Fuck you, you--!!

LONG HAUL: Guys, let’s not…

SCRAPPER: Hook. Let’s talk about this.

HOOK: You can say all the pretty words you want, Scrapper. But it doesn't change the truth. Those lives we've saved. Those were in the past. We haven’t been effective as Devastator in a year and a half, and all of you know it. Predaking, Menasor, and Bruticus all have better numbers than us. This deciding point in a battle you talk about...when was the last time that happened? If you wish to delude yourself in thinking Charon would have gone differently had we been able to combine to comfort yourselves, that's your business. If you want to pretend everything is fine, go ahead but don’t expect me to be part of your self-deception.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to see to my patients.

Perhaps we should take a break

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